Commercial Lifts


In short, we know how to move you. Whether it’s 2 floors or 200, it’s all the same to us. We’ve maintained and refurbished lift equipment Australia-wide, and while the brands and locations might change, one thing stays the same – our level of service to you.

Simplex is an Australian lift company committed to providing flexible, responsive, and accessible service for your building, ensuring minimal disruption to you, your team, and your tenants. We follow and exceed international best practices for maintenance and modernisation projects.

Commercial Projects

Over the past 45 years, Simplex has been a part of countless commercial projects. From Toowoomba to Indonesia, we’ve done it all! Follow along with our news page for all the latest project updates.

We have a range of standard and customisable elevators to suit any traffic or design requirement.

Our Standard Lift Range Includes:
  • Machine room-less (MRL) traction or hydraulic lifts, ranging from 180 kg capacity to 4000 kg capacity and speeds up to 1.6 m/s
  • Conventional overhead traction lifts with machine room
  • Self-supporting tower installations, where conventional shaft construction is not possible 
Our Custom Lift Range Includes:
  • Simplex can design, install a wide range of geared or gearless machines for any site requirements.
  • Machine room-less (MRL) traction lifts,  Any capacity above 4000 kg and speeds above 1.6 m/s
  • Overhead traction lifts.  Speeds up to 8 m/s with just about any capacity and design require
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We have a full range of Escalators to solve any traffic needs in commercial, industrial, or public transport applications.

Our Escalators Provide:
  • Elegant, robust, and hard-wearing finish enhancing any setting providing superb reliability.
  • Suitable for internal or external installation
  • Compact footprint to reduce the space required
  • Smooth ride technology
  • Low noise operation
  • Low energy consumption compared with others available, saving more than 30% of the energy due to the energy-saving function.
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Whether you require a Service Lift for your commercial grade kitchen or for transporting goods in your warehouse, Simplex has a range of models that will suit your needs. 
  • ISO- A Service Lift- This lift serves at service height, meaning it requires no bending or straining to load up your lift. Even the smallest of spaces can accommodate this model due to its intuitively designed and compact bi-parting doors.
  • ISO- C Service Lift- Whether you work in an RSL or hospital kitchen, this Service Lift will provide a helping hand in transporting your goods, saving you time, and reducing the risk of strain injuries. The bi-parting door at floor level allows equipment such as trolleys to be wheeled in for easy transportation. 
  • ISO- D Service Lift- The ISO-D lift is perfect for commercial spaces that are not limited by space. Its hinged swing door allows for a quick installation and saves you money on excavation costs as it is the only model that does not require a pit.
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