Access Lifts

Providing Access For All

Simplex’s top of the range Stair Lifts, Platform Lifts and Passenger Lifts ensure you or your patrons can gain access to buildings with ease.

With an array of standard and customised options available, we’ll provide the perfect lift solution for you. No need to worry about space – we can tailor an Access Lift to almost any building.

All new and renovated buildings must comply with Disability Standards and National Construction codes to ensure good accessibility for disabled persons. All of our Access Lifts are built in accordance with these codes, so you can ensure your home or business Elevator runs as safely as possible.

Helping You Remain Independent

The challenges of growing older can take a toll, and many are heartbroken at the thought of having to leave their homes. Our Stair Lifts are designed to help people to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible by providing access up and down staircases. 

Sophisticated yet affordable, Simplex Stair Lifts are designed for:

  • A slim frame
  • Intuitive design 
  • Ultimate comfort

These access lifts come with installation, maintenance and repair services from our expert elevator technicians.

Access For All

The Simplex Easy Move Passenger Lift is perfect for those with wheelchairs, and can be installed in both private and public premises. Lifting you between two and five floors, this is a great choice for multi-storey homes.

With a self-supporting tower option, Easy Move Passenger Lifts require minimal building works. Customise your lift with a range of glass panelling and both internal and external installation options.

Each Easy Move access Lift is produced according to Australian Standard AS 1735 Lifts, Escalators, and Moving Walks (the SAA Lift Code).

Taking You to the Next Level

Our European designed and manufactured Platform Lifts are designed for both form and function. These access lifts are perfect for wheelchair users with a variety of platform sizes available.

Choose from a range of standard or customised Platform Lift models, suitable for internal and external installation. These durable Elevators perform even in severe weather conditions.

Successfully installed around the world, Platform Lifts have provided an alternative to stairs in all types of buildings and public areas, including museums, subways, banks, restaurants and homes.

Need Help Choosing an Access Lift?