Whether it’s two floors or 200, we’ve got the Lift technology to keep you moving. 

At Simplex Elevators, we know the importance of quality, safety and cost when it comes to installing Commercial Lifts.

Our Elevator solutions are tailored to guarantee you:

We ensure stellar Installation services that meet and exceed Australian Lift and Escalator Standards. Our European-designed and supplied Lift equipment promises luxury and long-term reliability. Installation options are endless with a wide range of standard and customisable Elevators, Escalators and Service Lifts.

Our sturdy and durable Commercial Elevators can travel as fast as 1.6 metres per second — perfect for busy shopping centres, office buildings and hotels up to 60 metres high. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, our Commercial Escalators provide your customers a smooth and silent ride. Each comes with a durable finish that doesn’t detract from style.

Need to transport goods safely? Our Simplex Commercial Service Lifts will help you move food or warehouse items with ease. Choose from a wide range of weight carriages, travel distances, and sizes.

Commercial Elevators Australia

Want to give your building a safe, stylish and efficient lift? At Simplex Elevators, we offer a range of commercial and industrial grade elevators: we make sure that we can keep your staff, tenants and clients moving safely.
All of our models are robust, reliable and highly durable.
Our commercial lifts are ideal for office buildings, shopping centres, hotels and other  between 40 and 60 metres high. 
We have speed options up to 1.6m per second, making our lifts the ideal for high traffic areas. 

Commercial Escalators

At Simplex, our Commercial Escalators take your business to the next level. Designed and built for all conditions, whether indoors or outdoors, Simplex Commercial Escalators provide a smooth, quiet ride. Suitable for all traffic conditions in commercial, industrial, or public transport applications, we will keep you moving.
Low energy consumption, saving you energy and money!
Our escalators combine elegance with sturdiness and can be tailored to a range of different applications.
Hard-wearing finishes enhance any setting and provide superb reliability.

Commercial Service Lifts

Need to transport goods without the risk of injury? Our Simplex Commercial Service Lifts will help you move items with ease. From transporting a table’s worth of food from one floor to another, relocating a section of the library, or moving fragile goods about the warehouse, Simplex Elevators supply and install a variety of German-engineered Commercial Service Lifts.
3 different models to suit different commercial applications.
Service Lifts eliminate the dangerous task of carrying heavy loads up and down stairs manually.
Multitude of customisation options including varying weight carrying capacities, travel distances and door designs available.

Need a Commercial Lift Installed? Get in touch to chat with our specialists today, or give us a call on 07 3881 3355.