Simplex Elevators has been lifting the Standard since 1976.


Based in Queensland's "The Gabba", Simplex Elevators is an Australian, family-owned business that specialises in the installation, modernisation, maintenance, and repair of all types of lift and access equipment. We may be new to the online world but we are not new to the lift industry. With over 44 years of service as Simplex Elevators, you can trust our team of highly qualified business specialists and technicians with all your lifting and access needs.
Simplex Elevators Pty Ltd.
In 1976, Allan Curtis bought Simplex Elevators and has committed his life to creating a service that focuses on providing access solutions for both the residential and commercial markets. Allan is well-renowned in the Australian lift industry, due to his credible reputation for providing an incomparable service to his clients. Allan was a member of the Australian Standards Board helping to form the direction of accessibility within the residential and commercial Lift industry, as well as travelling around the world, providing installations, maintenance, modernisation and repair services to varying lift equipment.

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Mocon Pty Ltd.
For the past 16 years, Mocon has been operating in Queensland as an independent, family-owned business. Mocon was established by second-generation elevator enthusiasts, Maika Ter Horst and Hank Ter Horst Jnr, who followed in the footsteps of renowned international safety auditor (and father) Hank Ter Horst. In 2015, Hank Jnr resigned from Mocon to support Hank Snr's Elevator Inspection and Testing Services. 

Over the last 16 years, as well as installing, servicing and repairing lift equipment all over Queensland, Mocon has installed elevators throughout Sydney, Victoria and Canberra. As one of Queensland's largest lift contracting companies, Mocon was commissioned to install all of the elevators into IKEA Underwood and is one of QBuild's relied upon lift service providers.

In 2016, Maika as the sole director of Mocon started to work together with Allan and Simplex Elevators towards expanding access solution services between both businesses.

4 years later…

We are excited to announce that Mocon and Simplex Elevators have officially joined forces to better service both our residential and commercial partners. Between the two businesses, We can now offer lifting solutions for commercial, Residential and all your Access Solution needs.

With Maika now being the sole director of Simplex Elevators, Allan has stepped down into a consulting role, providing the Simplex team with his invaluable industry and client knowledge.

Mocon Elevators is a specialist division of Simplex Elevators that provides an unmatched service experience when maintaining, refurbishing, or inspecting elevators and escalators in commercial environments across Queensland. As a division of Simplex Elevators, we share the financial strength, corporate governance, and management systems of Simplex- established over 44 years of operation.

So what’s changed?

Well, not a lot.

- We are still a lift service provider for the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA), National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and QBuild.

- We are still the same team of highly-qualified technicians and business specialists who are dedicated to providing a premium service that is centred around the most important thing- you, our client.

- We still offer the same competitively priced, high-quality equipment, even though we do look a little different.

- We still have exclusive European contacts who are committed to ensuring all designs are reflective of the latest technologies.

- We still are a local, Australian business which is family owned and operated- Our family has just expanded.

When you sign up to be a part of the team you sign up to be a part of a family legacy. You sign up to be a part of the 150 years + of Industry experience the Ter Horst and Curtis family have combined. We’ve maintained and refurbished elevators Australia wide, and while the brands and locations might change, one thing stays the same – our level of service to you.
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We will elevate your world

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