The Largest Gold Mine in the World Chooses Simplex

A crane lowering an elevator into a building

In 1992, Simplex Elevators was contracted to supply and install a 1000kg Goods Lift into the largest gold mine in the world, Grasberg Mine.
Cable cars going down a mountain Located in the remote highlands of Irian Jaya Indonesia (now known as West Papua) the mine ranges from 3,200m to 5,500m above sea level. The oxygen levels at this altitude were so thin, it took the Simplex team a couple of days to acclimatise to the conditions before they could commence work.
A man looking upwards After removing the existing equipment that was used to service and connect the two main kitchens situated on different levels, the 1000kg capacity Simplex Goods Lift was lowered through the roof of the existing mess hall building by a mobile 100t crane. This mess hall building accommodated 2000 meal sittings 4 times per day for mining staff from various nationalities and religions.
An elevator being lowered During this time, the Simplex team also installed another Goods Lift into the shopping centre that was being built in the mine support town of Tembagapura, Irian Jaya, Indonesia. The town is located at an altitude of 2,200m, with Mt Zaagkam towering another 2,700m over the town. The mountainous valley is home to most of the mine's workers.
Workers installing an elevator shaft A team of intrigued, well-equipped Indonesian workers were on hand to assist with the installation.
Two workers welding a metal structure In addition to this international and innovative project, Simplex Elevators have provided installations, repairs, and maintenance services to all types of people and businesses, including equipment in local cinemas, taverns, and schools. No matter the job, whether it be the installation of a service lift in Indonesia, or providing on-going maintenance to your grandmother’s Stair Lift, we provide the same, high-quality, customer-centric service we have dedicated ourselves to for the past 44 years.

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