How to choose the right commercial Service Lift for your business

Service Lifts are a great way of improving efficiency in the workplace whilst eliminating the dangerous task of carrying heavy loads up and down stairs manually. This reduces the risk of your staff experiencing strain injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, trips, and falls. 

Simplex has a range of Service Lifts to suit every type of commercial space; see below for a guide of which Goods Lift would best suit your needs.

ISO-A Service Lift

ISO-A Service Lift


This model is perfect for the kitchen. The stainless-steel finish makes it incredibly durable and easy to clean, so it is ideally suited for food preparation areas. The ISO-A Lift serves at service height, allowing the user to retrieve the goods without straining or bending. This model won’t get in the way of the operation of a busy restaurant. With the lift’s intuitively designed and compact bi-parting doors, even the smallest of spaces can accommodate this model. 

ISO-C Service Lift

Whether you work in an RSL or a hospital, this Service Lift will provide a helping hand in transporting your goods. The ISO-C lift also incorporates the bi-parting doors design, allowing it to fit in confined spaces. These doors are at floor level, allowing trolleys to be wheeled in for easy transportation. 

In 2006, Simplex Elevators installed two of the ISO-C models into the Prince Charles Hospital to help assist in the fast and efficient transportation of sterilised theatre equipment. 14 years later this lift is still being used and relied on daily.

Simplex Installation of 2, ISO-C Service Lifts at Prince Charles Hospital


ISO- D Service Lift

ISO-D Service Lift


The ISO-D lift is perfect for commercial spaces that are not limited by space. Its hinged swing door allows for a quick installation and saves you money on excavation costs as it is the only model that does not require a pit.

If you have any further questions about our Service Lift range, please do not hesitate to get in touch online or call us on 07 3881 3355.