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We have a range of escalators designed to solve any traffic needs in commercial, industrial, or public transport applications.

Our escalators are elegant, robust, and have hard-wearing finishes that enhance any setting providing superb reliability. They are suitable for internal and external installation and have a compact footprint to reduce the space required. Smooth ride technology and low noise operation provide for a seamless user experience. 

Innovative Technology
We are continually on the lookout for emerging technologies to take your escalators to new heights, resulting in cost and eco-effective solutions to move you through your day.

Travel in Style
Our escalators combine elegance with sturdiness and can be tailored to a range of different applications. Their hard-wearing finishes enhance any setting and provide superb reliability.

Sustainably Designed
Sustainable operation saves you money and energy. Our escalators are renowned for their low energy consumption compared with others available on the market. The energy-saving function can save you more than 30% of energy.

Recently the Simplex team stripped out and installed 2 new escalators at a local sports club. See here for more details.


Inclination (degrees) 30 / 35
Step Width (mm) 600/ 800/ 1000
Horizontal step run (mm) 800/ 1200
Speed (m/s) Maximum speed 0.5 - power saving 3 speed slow down system
Power supply AC 3 phase 5 wires 5Hz/60Hz
Installation position Indoor/outdoor
Rise (m) 2-6/.5

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Safety features are at the forefront of all Simplex Solutions- from Installation to Maintenance to Repair and Modernisation. Our exclusive suppliers have received both domestic and international recognition for their leading technology and have sold these escalators in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Building owners and managers can enjoy the benefits of new technologies to give maximum peace of mind to potential customers, clients, employees, and residents.

We follow and exceed all applicable safety codes and regulations to ensure your Escalator reflects today's National and International high standards.
Whether you are after Modernisation, Installation, Repairs, or Maintenance for your Escalator, we can offer tailored solutions around your performance, safety, and appearance requirements. Click here for more information. 

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