A Simplex elevator technician

In 2020, the commercial team removed and re-installed 2 Escalators, 1 Passenger Lift and 1 Goods Lift.

This project took place over a number of months at the Toowoomba Sports Club. Our team of technicians removed the original equipment from the club and prepped the area for the new equipment to come in.
An escalator being installed in a commercial building Thanks to the team at Precise Rigging, we were able to ensure the safe transportation of our 2 new Escalators. 

In my 30 plus years of working in this industry, I have never seen an escalator rip out and re-install in person. They are such massive pieces of equipment, the team did really well to remove them in such a prompt and safe manner”

– Maika Ter Horst, Simplex Elevators Director.

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