Have You Considered Adding a Lift to Your House?

Are you planning on doing renovations to your house? You should consider a Simplex Home Lift.

A modern home with a passenger lift

Gone are the days where Passenger Lifts are only seen in the most luxurious homes in town. Due to advancing technology, they are becoming increasingly accessible for everyone. Not sure if a home lift is right for you? Here are our top 3 reasons you should consider adding our award winning lift to your house:

1. Future-proof your home

A Simplex Home Lift makes growing old in your home easy, providing a safe alternative to your steep staircase. This not only ensures independence for the homeowner, it also provides their family with peace-of-mind, knowing their loved one will be able to travel between levels safely and remain living in their own home.

2. Add value to your property

Differentiate your property from the rest with a Simplex Home Lift. Home lifts also create a unique selling point and appeal to a wider market, creating a fully accessible home. See our blog, How Home Lifts Add Value To Your Property, for more information. 

3. Transport heavy items safely

Eliminate the dangerous task of carrying heavy or bulky items up and down the stairs with a Simplex Home Lift. This will reduce the risk of strain injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, trips and falls.

A lift in your home can have many benefits, making it a great investment. If you are considering adding a lift to your house, please do not hesitate to get in touch.