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Passenger Lifts

Whether it’s 2 levels or 200, we’ve got the technology to keep you moving

No matter the environment, whether it be residential or commercial, the installation of a passenger lift makes moving easy.

Residential passenger lifts allow home owners and guests luxurious transportation between levels, whilst increasing the value of their property and future-proofing their living space.

We work closely with designers, builders and body corporate managers. Our advice and industry knowledge will ensure the right product is installed in your building, and an on-site maintenance schedule will keep you moving smoothly. We are committed to providing a flexible, responsive and accessible service for your building, ensuring minimal disruption to you, your team and your tenants.

Driven by innovation, we are constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies to take your lifts and escalators to new levels, resulting in simple, cost-effective solutions to move you through your day.

Our Passenger lifts are designed and manufactured in Italy through our exclusive European suppliers. The high quality and sleek design has stood the test of time over the last 44 years, with more than 100,000 of these products been installed all over the world.

With 3 different products and countless customisation options available, you're sure to find a product that takes you to the top level. See below for further details on each product or contact us today.

Not sure which passenger lift you need? We're here to help!