Simplex Vimec Homelift Wins Design Award!

Archiproducts Design Awards Winner


On Friday 20th November, it was announced that the Simplex Vimec Home Lift was one of the winners of the 2020 Archiproducts Design Award.

The prize was awarded after an international jury comprised of influent professionals from the design industry evaluated over 750 products to award the best solutions for originality, innovation, and sustainable design. Members of the jury panel are among the most renowned Architecture Studios, Designers, Editors, Photographers and Art Directors from all over the world.

The Simplex Vimec Home Lift is the only vertical transport system out of the 9 winners from the construction section.

Simplex Elevators Director, Maika Ter Horst said, “Here at Simplex, we really do believe in our products and our product partnerships, it’s fantastic to see that experts from all across the globe do too!”

The Homelift is a premium alternative to the everyday residential lift. Driven by Italian design, technology, and eco-sustainability, this premium piece of equipment effortlessly combines comfort with style.

The internationally recognised lift is available to the Australian market through our exclusive partnership with Vimec, our Italian supplier.

If you would like to get your hands on a Simplex Vimec Homelift, get in touch with one of our business specialists today!