How Home Lifts Add Value to a Property

A home passenger lift

Elevators are becoming more and more popular and  in Australian homes, old and new.

With the real-estate market more competitive than ever, investing in a home lift is sure to make your property stand out from the rest. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. They Make Your Home Unique

Home lifts create a unique selling point for your house and appeal to a wider market, making the installment of an elevator a great investment in your home.

2. They Create Accessibility

Elevators create a fully accessible home, providing peace-of-mind for the future, accessibility and convenience for the homeowner, their friends, family and even pets. 


3. They Add Style

Here at Simplex Elevators, we believe that design should not be compromised to achieve comfort and practicality. Our business specialists combine elegance with the essentials, ensuring your needs and wants are met.  

All Simplex Elevator products are tailor designed to complement the surrounding environment of the lift equipment.

Designing your Home lift means highlighting the aesthetic value of your home, in full accordance with shapes and colours.

Our European designed and manufactured products reflect only the highest quality and have been used and trusted by Queenslanders in their homes for over 44 years.

Thinking of installing a residential lift in your family home?

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