Choosing the Right Lift for You

Advancing technology has resulted in a variety of options regarding domestic lift services, so much so that the array of choice can be overwhelming.

This guide aims to provide you with clarity on what kind of lift would best suit your home and needs.
stair lift
1. Stair Lift 
A Stair Lift is a sophisticated product specially designed to transport one person up a flight of stairs through a smooth seated motion. It is an affordable, easy-to-use option, perfect for elderly people who want to remain living in their multi-story home but struggle to travel between levels independently. No matter the height, curve or location of your staircase, our Business Specialists will be able to customise the right design for you. Our bespoke Stair Lifts subtle design enables independence and comfort, giving control back to the user.

platform lift
2. Platform Lift 
Our Platform Lifts provide the freedom of access to buildings of all types, assuring wheelchair users independent mobility. With varying models available, all suited to different heights and conditions, you are sure to find a lift that best suits your needs. Simplex provides vertical options for three varying heights starting from 1m between levels and goes up to 3m between levels. Incline Platforms are also available as an addition to any staircase. To ensure a safe and comfortable ride, all products are fixed with an electric lock so the gate will automatically open when the platform reaches the top.

More than two thousand Platform Lifts have been installed in Italy and world-wide. Some major installations include:
  • Ferrara University
  • Catholic University, Milan
  • Bucharest Airport
  • Zagreb University
  • U.S. Embassy, Paris

passenger lift
3. Passenger Lift
Our Italian designed and manufactured Passenger Lifts offer a luxurious and discreet ride, perfect for transporting the shopping, prams and any other heavy or bulky items from one floor to another within the home. Not only does it add value to your home, but it also provides peace-of-mind for when elderly relatives come to visit. Available in a multitude of colours, materials and customisation options, we will work alongside your chosen builder and architect to ensure we find a combination that complements your home.

service and goods lift
4. Service & Goods Lift 
Service lifts are ideal for people who live in multi-story residences who want to quickly transport goods via vertical transportation. They can be used to transport meals between the kitchen and another floor or to transport laundry from the bathroom to the washing machine. They provide a safe alternative to climbing the staircase with a heavy or awkward item. We have three models available to suit both our residential and commercial clients.

All our European designed and manufactured products have been constructed utilising state-of-the-art technology and are in accordance with the current standards and regulations. If you have any questions regarding what Simplex Elevator product would best suit your needs, contact one of our friendly team members today.