Types of Commercial Lifts

Here at Simplex, we understand the importance of having reliable lifts to keep you, your employees and your tenants moving safely. 

Every building and business requirements are different, so we have a range of commercial equipment that can be tailored to suit your design and traffic needs.


Commercial Passenger Lifts

We have 3 different Commercial Lifts to choose from. With a maximum load ranging from 450Kg – 1275Kg, multiple speed options and different lift car entrance designs, you are sure to find the perfect Commercial Lift to complement your business.


Commercial Passenger Lift

A Commercial Passenger Lift the Simplex Team recently installed in Kenmore, Brisbane.


Commercial Service Lifts

Commercial Service Lifts can be used in a variety of environments. Whether you are wanting a helping hand in your restaurant’s kitchen or you require assistance transporting goods in your warehouse, Simplex has got the Service Lift for you. We have models to suit all spaces and dimensions with varying door designs including bi-parting technology, we can fit our lifts into the smallest of spaces.

Commercial Simplex Elevators Service Lift


Commercial Escalators

We have a range of Escalators designed to solve any traffic needs in commercial or industrial applications. Our Simplex Escalators are the perfect combination of practicality and elegance, with varying materials, colours and finishes available, we can tailor our equipment to suit your building’s architecture.

A pair of Escalators the Simplex Construction Team installed into the Toowoomba Sports Club in 2020. 


Simplex Values Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Design

We are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and choose likeminded suppliers who also value eco-friendly practices and technology. Our Commercial Passenger Lifts have stand-by modes that are activated when not in use, a smart gearless drive system and are designed and built-in compliance with ISO 14001, the international standard that exists to help organisations minimize their impact on the environment. 

Our Escalators are renowned for their low energy consumption when compared to others on the market. The energy saving function can save you more than 30% energy.


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