Living Luxuriously: Prestigious Queensland Home Installs a Simplex Homelift

Exterior of a modern house

Photos by Robin Rolton
We collaborate with builders, designers, and architects to produce some of Queensland's most prestigious homes. In partnership with MRA Design and Gray Constructions, we designed and installed our award winning Simplex Homelift into a client’s home on the Sunshine Coast.
Interior hallway of modern house
Our clients wanted a lift that reflects the contemporary design of their home, providing seamless transportation between levels. They needed a product with proven reliability to ensure it would withstand the test of time and future proof their residence- our Homelift was the perfect solution.
With a range of high-quality finishes and colour combinations available, our business specialists were able to tailor our product to compliment our client’s style and their home's architecture.
A white poodle in front of a passenger lift

At the end of 2020, the beloved Simplex Homelift received an upgrade. The new model has been designed using the latest technologies with the implementation of a luxurious Touch Panel, eco-friendly materials, a customisable lighting system and a larger range of high-quality finishes and materials. Using a simple app, or supplementing an already installed home automation system, the Bluetooth protocol of the Homelift allows you to adjust the lighting’s intensity, warmth, and colour tones.

A white passenger lift with blue lights inside
If you have any questions about our Homelift range or would like a no obligation, tailored quotation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.