3 Tips to Keep You and Your Lift Safe in Heavy Rain

Rain on a window

With Queensland’s wettest month just around the corner, now is the time to get in touch with your service provider to ensure your lift is protected.  

Whenever rain is predicted, the Simplex team prepares for a busy week ahead. The aftermath of a storm or a couple days of rain often results in a high level of breakdown callouts from our clients due to water leaking into the lift pit or power outages.

To reduce these chargeable callouts and keep you and your lift safe in rainy conditions see the following tips from our industry trained technicians.

1. If heavy rain is predicted, Simplex recommends moving your lift car to the highest level to avoid water leaking into the lift.

An elevator shaft

2. Avoid using the lift in stormy weather conditions as power outages can cause them to fault, which can lead to trapped passengers. Not only can this be stressful for the people caught in the lift, but it can also put further pressure on emergency services who are already in high demand during these times.

Rain on the glass roof of a commercial building

3. Keep on top of regular servicing of your lift. This gives the technicians a chance to repair any small issues such as leaks before they become a bigger problem.

Simplex technician at work

No matter the season, Simplex will be able to assist you with any lift related inquiries. From installation, servicing and repair to emergency support and advice. Contact our friendly team online or call us on 07 3881 3355 today!