Simplex Elevates Suburban Home

Residential Home Lifts are no longer a luxury only the rich and famous can afford. A competitive real estate market, combined with growing desire from the public to stay independent in their own homes, has resulted in a push for home elevators to become the standard for new builds and renovations. 

The Simplex Install team have been busily installing luxury, code compliant residential lifts into homes across Queensland and recently completed an Elite Home Lift Install at a property in Salisbury, Brisbane.

Our clients were undertaking major renovations to their home and wanted to futureproof their residence, so they gave the Simplex Team a call. 


An orange home elevator.


The renovation project involved a range of bright colours, patterns and quirky designs, meaning that the lift needed to reflect the homeowner’s eclectic style.

After working directly with the Simplex Project Team, the client was able to customise their Italian designed and manufactured lift to perfectly complement their style. 

The finished two-storey home showcased two different lift door designs, in a bright orange colour on the lower level and a vibrant purple on the upper floor. 

The lift interior featured a luxurious touch panel, high quality wall and flooring as well as customisable lighting.  


The floor inside a home elevator


The compact dual-panel side opening door design allowed the clients to enjoy a spacious hallway, with room for wheelchair access or assistive mobility equipment. 


A button on a home lift


If you would like to talk to the Project team about customising a lift for your next residential project, get in touch today at (07) 3881 3355 or through the online form.