Elevator Standards in Australia

elevator shaft

At Simplex, all of our Elevators are crafted and fitted according to the Australian Standards for Lifts (AS1735) set by the Building Code of Australia.

The code requires the following standards of all lifts in Australia:

  • Any lift connecting three or more storeys must have a shaft
  • A handrail must be installed
  • Good lighting must be ensured
  • Elevator cars must be at least 1100 mm wide, 1400 mm deep and have a minimum door opening of 900mm wide
  • Elevator cars must have infra-red protection between 50mm and 1550mm above floor level
  • The landing button must be located 900 to 1200 mm from the floor
  • The car control button must be 700 to 1250 mm from the floor
  • All passenger lifts must be provided with a warning sign at every landing


These standards include AS1735.12, which state requirements for Facilities for People With Disabilities. This means each passenger Elevator installed by Simplex will have ample room for wheelchairs and other mobility devices. This includes the Easy Move Home lift, perfect for those needing assistance between levels of their house.

The code also sets strict standards for Emergency Lifts. Our commercial passenger Lifts are produced and installed with these safety standards in mind, ensuring you and your patrons will always be transported quickly and safely to wherever they need to be.

Any Elevator you require comes with a bespoke maintenance schedule from our specialists, to ensure these safety regulations are always met.

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