Simplex Elevators Training the Next Generation


Here at Simplex, we believe in the value of apprentices. They are the future of the lift industry so it is vital that they are equipped with the skills required to become a safe, responsible and qualified lift technician. 

Why is Simplex Elevators a great company to do your apprenticeship with?

We work on a variety of lift equipment, from Stair Lifts to Escalators, in a variety of environments, both Residential and Commercial. In turn, this allows our apprentices to learn how to install, repair, upgrade and maintain a range of equipment, equipping them with the skills to do a multitude of different jobs in the future. 

We have a team dedicated to completing large construction projects, see how Simplex helped the Toowoomba Sports Club for a project we finished in 2020 where we completed the rip out and re-installation of 2 Escalators, a Goods Lift and a Passenger Lift. Moira, our second-year apprentice had the opportunity to live away for a couple of weeks and work on the project alongside our construction team.

Commercial Lift

The Simplex Construction team working on the 2020 Toowoomba Project.

We service all over Queensland, from the rural town of Cloncurry all the way to the NSW boarder. Our apprentices are lucky enough to travel and see first-hand the beauty that is our sunshine state. 

These photos were taken by a simplex technician completing a recent rural run.


It’s more than just an apprenticeship, it’s a career

After 4 years as a simplex apprentice, you may have the opportunity to become a permanent part of the team as a qualified lift technician. 3 members of our team were once our apprentices, now they are highly skilled lift technicians training our new apprentices.

Peter completed his apprenticeship in 2018 and  Eli completed his apprenticeship in 2017


Are you motivated, hardworking and eager to learn? Do you want to kick-start your career with a well-established family business and market leader in the independent sector? Get in contact with us today.