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In the market for a Platform Lift? Our Platform Lifts are the ideal system for access to buildings of all types, assuring wheelchair users independent mobility in both residential and commercial spaces. 


We have sophisticated Platform Lifts that are designed to provide comfort, seamless disability and wheelchair access solutions in the home or workplace. With varying travel heights available, countless customisation and modernisation features, the opportunities are endless at Simplex Elevators. Our lift solutions can be designed in various sizes with customisable options, so you can be sure we can create the perfect Platform Lift solution for you.

Elevator to help people access a building in Australia


At Simplex Elevators, we have two Platform Lifts models available:
  1. Incline Platform Lifts
  2. Vertical Platform Lifts.
Both models are suitable for internal or external installation, and they have been proven to perform, even in severe weather conditions. If you need some help understanding which access lift is best for you, please contact our experienced sales team. 

Our Platform Lifts have been used as an elegant alternative to stairs in all types of buildings and public areas, as our intuitive design makes them an ideal system for every customer.

Our Platform Lifts can be tailored to suit all access solution needs, combined with this, our skilled technicians are able to design them to fit any staircase. Whether it is our V64 or V65 model, our experts will be able to design a Platform Lift for your own needs. Each model has their own benefits. The V64 model is the perfect solution to any straight staircase, and the V65 is custom designed and measured to suit any curve.


Platform Lift Installation

Installation of both our Incline and Vertical Platform Lifts can be carried out in a matter of days and usually does not require any building work or architectural intervention to the existing structure. *Conditions apply.


Easy and Safe to Use

Because of its electric lock, the gate on our Platform Lift is automatically opened when it reaches the top. The onboard and floor control panels are equipped with keys and can be operated easily. At Simplex Elevators, we also offer ongoing maintenance for all of our products.


Design and Construction

Our Platform Lifts include an optional stainless steel structure, as well as state-of-the-art active and passive safety features. In addition to these exceptional features, they also use the respected Vimec mechanical drive system.

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Vertical Platform Lifts
SO8 S11
Travel / up to (mm) 1000 2100
Size platform (mm) 3 options available 1250 x 850, 1400 x 1120, 1400 x 1250 1.250 x 900 - 1.400 x 900 - 1.400 x 1100
Speed m/sec 0.04 0.05 and 0.10
Voltage 230 V single phase 230 V single phase
Pit (mm) Not necessary 0.165
Finish Powder coated steel RAL 7040, lifting unit with cataphoresis, black bellow guard, grey metal painted gate posts and stainless steal options available Painted steel (RAL 7040), black structure
Safety mechanisms On-board and floor control panels complete with key for call enabling, stop buttons and audible alarm, steel tower Safety edge gate at first floor
Incline Platform Lifts
V64 V65
Minimum stair width (mm) 1400 and 1500 1400 and 1500
Tolerated gradient (Degrees) From 7 to 50 From 7 to 50
Minimum size of rail (mm) 100 160
Minimum size with folded platform (mm) 370 430
Platform dimensions (mm) 830 x 700, 1050 x 770, 1250 x 800 830 x 700, 1050 x 770, 1250 x 800
Capacity up to 45 degrees (KG) 250 and 300 250 and 300
Capacity beyond 45 degrees (KG) 200 200
Speed M/MIN 5 8
Power supply 230 V 230 V
Power consumption (KW) 0.75 1

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