Simplex Takes Gold Coast Community Centre to the Next Level

Firth Park

The Simplex construction team have just completed an Easy Move Access Lift installation at a local community Centre in Mudgerabah, Gold Coast.

The inside of an Easy Move Lift

Firth Park is a large sports park surrounded by football fields, netball courts, skate ramps and a baseball field. It is a space where all members of the community can go to exercise and socialise.

In order to be fully accessible to all members of the community, the park reached out to Simplex to enquire about a disability access lift.

A blue sign on grass reading "Welcome to Firth Park" and displaying information

Based off their requirements, the Easy Move Access Lift was recommended to them by one of our Simplex Business Specialists. The Simplex Easy Move is a reliable and versatile piece of equipment that requires minimal building works when paired with a self-supporting tower and can be retrofitted to an existing structure. In this case, Firth Park had an existing lift shaft that we were able to use for the new elevator.

The Simplex Easy Move Passenger Lift is designed to fit into almost any environment, most commonly installed into schools, gyms and office spaces.

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