Important Home Elevator Safety Tips

A modern home lift at end of a hallway

No matter what kind of lift you have, it is paramount that you operate the lift safety. Not following the product user recommendations can lead to equipment malfunctions and user entrapment or harm. See below for the top 3 tips Simplex Elevators Business Specialists have put together to keep you and your home lift safe.

Elevator buttons

1. Do not overload your lift

Different lifts have varying load capacities. Standard Stairlifts can carry up to 120KG whereas our Simplex Residential Lifts can carry up to 400kg. No mater the product, it is important for users to be aware of the load capacity and not exceed it. Exceeding the lift capacity can cause it to operate slowly, damage lift components that can be costly to replace and in extreme cases, snap ropes. 

Rain on a window

 2. Do not operate your lift in extreme weather conditions

Avoid using your lift in stormy weather conditions as power outages can cause them to fault, which can lead to trapped passengers. Not only can this be stressful for the people caught in the lift, but it can also put further pressure on emergency services who are already in high demand during these times. 

If water ingress is present at your site, please speak with our team on (07) 3881 3355 prior to operating electrical equipment to ensure your safety.

Simplex worker installing a chair lift

3. Follow a tailored maintenance schedule

Every Simplex client has different maintenance schedules that are tailored to their product type, product use and product reliance. No matter the equipment it is vital for homeowners to follow this schedule as all lifts require maintenance to keep them in safe working condition. Just like you would a car, an elevator requires regular maintenance and upkeep.

Do you have questions on the safety of your lift equipment? Call (07) 3881 3355 or reach out via the contact form to speak to a business specialist.