Tokyo Paralympics 2020

Runner with prosthetic leg

Last night marked the launch of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games with the opening ceremony. The ceremony reflected the theme of the Paralympic games “We Have Wings”, through the storytelling of a one-winged plane and its desire to take to the air. Limited by its doubts, it was later inspired by other planes that also had different abilities.


A 'one-winged plane' performed by Wago Yui at the Tokyo Paralympics.

[The one-winged plane setting the scene for the Paralympic Games, Image Source- Getty Images.]

The Simplex Elevators team watched the opening ceremony from their homes, captivated by the colour, music and talent.

“As I watched the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, I was proud. Proud of all the Australian Paralympians. Proud of the inclusion and accessibility that was demonstrated throughout the ceremony and lastly, proud to work for a company that provides accessibility and freedom for all.”

– Simplex Employee

[Fireworks commence the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, Image Source: Loop News]


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Our team will continue to watch the Paralympic Games closely over the next weeks and look forward to seeing what our amazing Aussie team can achieve.

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