Bring Italy to You With a Simplex Homelift

The global pandemic may have stopped you from traveling overseas, but you can bring Italy to you through installing a Simplex Homelift.

Our premium Passenger Lift is designed and manufactured in Italy by our exclusive partners. See below for the top 3 reasons you should consider a Simplex Homelift during your next renovations.

1. Future-Proof your Home

Our Passenger Lifts are a luxurious way of allowing you to live in your house for as long as possible, providing a safe and stylish alternative to your steep staircase.

Italian home lift

2. Stay Ahead of The Game

Driven by Italian design, technology, and eco-sustainability this premium piece of equipment effortlessly combines innovation with style. We have collaborated with builders, designers, and architects to produce some of Queensland's most prestigious homes.

Interior of a modern home
Simplex Client located on the Sunshine Coast.

3. Endless Customisation Options

With “Made in Italy” elegance and innovation, a Simplex Homelift is like an extra room-designed to be an extension of your home. In partnership with designers and architects, we can tailor your Homelift to compliment your home’s style and architecture while providing you with the functionality you require.

Modern, open living room with passenger lift


Would you like to find out more about how a Simplex Homelift could transform your home? Get in contact today.