Goods & Service Lifts Making Home Life Easier

Goods lift inside a kitchen

Do you sometimes struggle carrying heavy bags of groceries or fresh laundry up and down stairs?

Service Lifts not only add a touch of luxury to your home, they also eliminate the dangerous task of carrying heavy loads up and down stairs manually. This in turn reduces the risk of strain injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, trips, and falls.

Whether you are wanting to transport freshly prepared meals or baskets full of laundry, Simplex Elevators has a great range of European designed Goods Lifts available to provide you with a helping hand.

The ISO-A model has been awarded the best home goods lift by our clients thanks to its intuitive design and compact, vertical bi-parting doors. This piece of equipment is extremely versatile, with even the smallest spaces able to accommodate an ISO-A Goods Lift.

Thanks to an innovative modular construction system, we can custom make a lift to suit your specifications and requests.

We tailor lifts to suit individual customers. ISO-A has a choice of door styles and various entry configurations. An optional heated shelf helps keep food warm in the lift and the stainless-steel finish makes it easy to clean, hygienic and ideal for food preparation areas.

For a free, tailored quote, please do not hesitate to get in contact with a Simplex Business Specialist today.