Goods Lifts

Transport your goods with ease in your home or workplace with a Simplex Goods Lift

Whether you are wanting to transport freshly prepared meals in a restaurant, books in a library, or baskets of laundry at home, Simplex Elevators has a multitude of European designed Goods Lifts available to provide you with a helping hand.

Service Lifts eliminate the dangerous task of carrying heavy loads up and down stairs manually. This reduces the risk of strain injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, trips and falls.

Simplex Elevators understands that every clients needs are different, so we have a multitude of customisation options including varying weight carrying capacities, travel distances and door designs available to ensure every client gets the right product for their needs. With high quality stainless steel finishes available, cleaning your goods lift is easy.

Speak to one of our business specialists today about which model would best suit your needs. Head here.