Why Do Elevators Have Mirrors?

On your morning elevator trip up to the office, you may have wondered why there’s often a reflection of yourself looking back at you somewhere in the lift, be it through a mirrored panel or simply a mirror on the elevator wall.

There are many reasons why elevators have mirrors, and they’re surprisingly interesting – ranging from safety to accessibility to human psychology.

Reason 1: The Human Brain & Elevators

Humans aren’t used to being confined in a box. Naturally, we’re attracted to having more personal space, as that allows us more oxygen to breathe.

The addition of an elevator mirror gives the illusion of more space, helping us to breathe easier. The reflection of the elevator in the mirror makes the lift appear much wider and grants the mind a sense of space and safety.

Mirrors also serve as a useful distraction to pass the time in a lift, making the ride feel shorter and minimising feelings of boredom and claustrophobia.

Reason 2: Safety

As well as making our minds feel safe, elevator mirrors actually do make lifts more safe by helping to prevent robbery or sudden attacks. Lifts with mirrors have been shown to discourage crimes due to their enhanced visibility.

Because mirrors allow us to see what others are doing , other passengers in the lift aren’t able to surprise us with an assault.

Reason 3: Accessibility

Mirrors allow people with wheelchairs to easily move in and out of elevators.

Using the reflection provided by mirrors allows people to back in or out of the lift without bumping into the walls of the lift, preventing injury and damage to the wheelchair.

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