Do I Have Space for a Lift in My Home?

A home elevator inside a living room

Home Elevators are now becoming standard for new builds and residential renovation projects. The increasing desire to grow old in your own home, combined with skyrocketing real estate prices, has resulted in the need to makes homes fully accessible to all stages of life. Residential Lifts are the perfect remedy for this, but how much space do they require?


Do I Have Space For a Lift in My Home?

Spacial requirements will differ depending on the type of lift you require. A Passenger Elevator for a person who uses a wheelchair will be different from those who can rely on a Stair Lift. In saying this, if you are worried your home does not have enough space for an internal lift, don’t fret – Elevators can also be added externally to your home.

A white home elevator.


Stair Lifts are much more compact than passenger lifts, and can easily be fitted onto the side of your staircase. These lifts typically do not require lots of room nor adjustments to your home, making them quick and easy to install.


An elderly woman riding an indoor stair lift.


No matter your needs, Simplex has a variety of lifts that can be customised to suit your home.  Our Simplex residential lifts are Italian designed and made, ensuring only the highest quality materials are used in their manufacture. The Simplex Easy Move and Elite Home Lift have customisable platforms so our business specialists can tailor the lifts to suit your requirements.

With masonry shaft and tower structures available, our team can retrofit passenger lifts onto existing buildings if there is not sufficient space inside the home to build a masonry shaft. 


Why should you trust Simplex Elevators?

Our business specialists can advise on a range of solutions that will exceed your expectations on reliability, serviceability, and cost to ensure your elevator complies with today’s high Australian Standards and reflect International Best Practices.

Simplex Elevators is a trusted provider for NDIS, QBuild and The Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

With over 45 years of industry experience, we understand that reliability is a priority – our team work around the clock to find innovative and cost-effective solutions to your lifting requirements. 


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If you have any questions about our team or which type of Home Lift would best suit your needs get in contact today on (07) 3881 3355 or via the online contact form.