Types of Platform Lifts

Simplex has a range of Platform Lifts designed to suit varying environments and user needs. Whether you require a platform lift to provide easy access for you to move around your home, or you’re a business owner and need to comply with the Disability Code, Simplex will have a product to help. See below for Simplex’s most popular Platform Lifts. 


1. Vertical Platform Lift

Our Vertical Platform Lifts are the ideal system for freedom of access to buildings of all types, ensuring wheelchair users independent mobility in homes and public spaces. With varying platform sizes, travel heights and high-quality finishes available, the Simplex team can customise the equipment to suit your needs.  

A vertical platform lift outside a building.

A recent SO8 installation at a residence in Coominya, Queensland.

2. Incline Platform Lift

The Simplex Incline Platform Lifts are installed onto existing rails and we have models to suit both curved and straight staircases. Their compact design allows them to fit into the most compact of spaces, both models have retractable safety arms and fold up platforms. 

An incline platform lift beside a staircase.

An Incline Platform Lift.

3. Easy Move Access Lift

The Easy Move is most commonly installed into schools, office spaces and gyms but we also have the Easy Move Home Lift for residential installations. Super versatile, this lift can be retrofitted to existing structures with the tower option or can be installed in a masonry shaft. The spacious cabin with a load capacity of 400kg comfortably allows a wheelchair user and another person to transport between levels safety. It has the highest travel out of all the Platform Lifts, being able to service up to five floors!

A passenger lift tower outside a building.

The Easy Move Home Lift installed outside a building.


All our platform lifts come in an internal or external model, allowing access for any type of environment. If you have questions as to what Platform Lift would best suit your needs, get in contact with a Simplex Business Specialist today at (07) 3881 3355 or via the contact form.