How a Home Elevator can Make your Life Easier

Lift inside a home

Installing a Simplex Home Lift will transform the way you live, move and enjoy your home. In addition to futureproofing your home, increasing the value of your property and providing access for all, installing a Simplex Home Elevator will make your life easier. See below for the top reasons you should include a Home Lift in your renovation plans.

      1. Move Heavy Objects with Ease

Gone are the days where you have to carry heavy furniture or groceries up your steep staircase. Both the Simplex Easy Move Home lift and the Elite Home Lift can carry up to 400kg, saving you time and reducing your risk of injury.

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That’s right, no more pivoting!

      2. As Your Needs Change, Your Home Should To

As you age it is only normal for your needs to change. Now, thanks to emerging technology there’s no need to leave the home you love just because the stairs are too difficult for you to climb. Installing a Simplex Home Lift makes moving easy, regardless of your mobility limitations. Both Passenger Lifts have a spacious cabin, allowing room for a wheelchair user and a carer if required.

      3. Tailored to You

With a range of customizable options available, you have control over your investment. Our business specialists will work with you to determine your style and practical inclusions that can be implemented to ensure easy use. Buttons vs touch panels, handrail vs mirror, we have a multitude of finishes to make your home lift, yours.
If you would like to discuss which model home lift would best suit your needs, connect with a Simplex Business Specialist via phone (07) 3881 3355 or through the online contact form.

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