82 and determined to remain independent at home

Simplex customer on a stair lift
Simplex Client, Helen Darby sitting proudly on her Simplex Stair Lift installed at her home.

An 82-year-old proud Alexandra Hills resident isn’t letting age stand in her way and is determined to remain independent for as long as possible.

Helen Darby has raised three children and built more than four decades of memories in her two-story home. However, in the past few years she’s found it increasingly difficult to navigate the stairs.

“I’ve been told I need a knee replacement,” Helen said.

Helen’s children have encouraged her to move closer to them so they can provide care, however, she has no interest.

“I have a son in Goondiwindi. I catch the bus to visit him often, but it’s always nice to come home,” Helen said.

Fortunately, Helen had a stair lift installed to help her move around the house.

She’s one of countless Queenslanders accessing support services, including the installation of stair lifts, so they can remain independent in their family home.

Simplex Elevators Director, Maika Ter Horst, said demand for stair lifts has surged following the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s decision to prioritise and fund in-home care services.

“After building decades of memories in their homes, it’s understandable people don’t want to leave as their needs change. The fantastic thing is, they don’t have to,” Maika said.

“Stair lifts like Helen’s are affordable and easy to install.

“We’re so glad we can help the elderly remain independent for as long as possible.”

Helen said she uses the stair lift to carry washing down to the line.

“I also like to go down and walk around the yard a few times a day to keep active.”

However, she isn’t the only one to give the stair lift a workout.

“My great-grandkids always ask for a ride when they come to visit,” Helen laughed.

Without this assistive technology, Helen said she would have to consider leaving her home or converting the ground floor into a flat.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to stay here. The steps would get too much.”

The grandmother of 10 and great-grandmother of 11 also credits her close neighbours with helping her feel safe and comfortable at home.

“My next-door neighbour comes to check on me if I haven’t removed the cover off my stair lift by 7:30 in the morning,” Helen said.

“The neighbour across the road also brings the paper up the front steps and leaves it by my door.”

Ms Darby's story was recently published in the January edition of 'Your Time' Magazine. Read more here.

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