Things to consider when purchasing an in-home lift

Here at Simplex Elevators, we have a range of Residential Lifts that can transform the way you move in your home. All designed for different purposes, we have the product to suit your needs and budget. Not sure which lift is the right fit for you? See our guide below. 

Stair Lift

lady sitting on a stair lift

Our Client, Mrs Darby proudly sitting on her Simplex Stair Lift.

Stair Lifts
are an affordable, intuitively designed device that are best suited for people who struggle to get up and down their staircase. We have installed hundreds of Simplex Stair Lifts into our client’s homes all across Queensland, helping people stay independent and living in their family homes for longer. Simplex has installed stair lifts throughout Australia and will happily visit your home in Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast for a free Stair Lift quote.


Platform Lifts For Home

Our range of Simplex Home Platform Lifts provide wheelchair users independent mobility and safe travel between levels in their home. With Incline and vertical platform models available, we can tailor our equipment to suit your needs.

A single storey brick house

Simplex Vertical Platform Lift installed into a home in Coorparoo, Brisbane. 


The Easy Move Home Lift

The Easy Move Home Lift can be installed into a new build, or can be retrofitted into an existing home. The lift allows access for all, providing a unique selling point in today’s competitive housing market, whilst futureproofing your space. This versatile product is available in a glass tower structure or masonry shaft, allowing it to compliment any type of project!

An external lift on the side of a house

Glass Tower


An elevator door inside a house

Masonry Shaft           


The Elite Home Lift

This lift takes luxury to the next level. Brand new to the Australian market, this Italian manufactured and designed lift effortlessly combines style, sustainability and safety. The Elite Home Lift is the premium alternative to the Easy Move Home Lift and has already won 2 awards commending its environmentally conscious and innovative design. With endless customisation options, you have control over your investment.

An elevator near a staircase


We recently finished an install of an Easy Move Home Lift in a luxury home on the Sunshine Coast, read more here. 

A large, modern home

Are you still unsure which Simplex Home Lift would best suit your needs? Contact our business specialists today on (07) 3881 3355 or via the contact form.