Client Spotlight: The Prince Charles Hospital Trusts Simplex Elevators

In 2006, Simplex Elevators installed two commercial grade ISO-C Goods Lifts into The Prince Charles Hospital. 15 years later these same lifts are being used and relied on daily!

Original Installation drawings from the 2006 Project.
These lifts were installed to help transport sterilized equipment to and from operating theatres.
Why the ISO-C model?
The hospital needed lift equipment that is very reliable, able to carry heavy loads and be easy to operate. The ISO-C Goods is all that and more! With its bi-parting door design, it can fit in confined spaces and allows trolleys and other goods to be easily transported between floors.

lifts After we supplied and installed the Goods Lifts, our Project Manager worked with the Prince Charles Hospital to create a bespoke scheduled maintenance agreement that was tailored to the hospital’s traffic and environmental requirements, as well as ensuring compliance with the Australian Lift Code.
Regular Maintenance ensures your investment is kept in peak condition, extending the life of your lift. For more benefits to having a tailored maintenance schedule in place for your lift equipment see our latest blog.
No matter your requirements, Simplex will have a Goods Lift to suit your needs. To talk to a Simplex Business Specialist about what kind of lift would suit your commercial property, click here.