Commercial Elevator Cost: What You Need To Know

Owning and operating a Commercial Lift can be a considerable investment for your business as it is difficult to know if you are getting good value from your elevator technician.

Here at Simplex, we pride ourselves on delivering a range of products and services to help you reduce your initial and ongoing Commercial Lift costs.

Quality, European Designed and Manufactured Equipment

All of our commercial products have been designed and manufactured by our exclusive European Suppliers, giving you the best bang for your buck as our products have been proven to stand the test the time, compared to other alternatives in the market!

Variety of Equipment and Parts Available

A key benefit of using an independent lift company like Simplex is that we are not affiliated with a brand of equipment, so you can be sure there will be no conflict of interest or hidden agendas.

We believe that owners and body corporates should have greater flexibility in their choice of products and upgrades.

We often recommend non-proprietary equipment that can easily be serviced and repaired by any reputable lift contractor, giving greater flexibility to their ongoing service agreements.

Regular Maintenance Reduces Unexpected Call Out Fees

Simplex offers affordable, tailored Maintenance Service Plans for all of our clients. These plans are created to suit the specific traffic and usage requirements of the owner.

No matter the type of equipment, our industry-trained technicians and business specialists can create a schedule that works with your calendar to ensure your lift is kept in optimal condition. 

If you need a commercial lift installed, repaired or maintained, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our online form or call (07) 3881 3355.