Heritage Listed Series: Simplex Elevators and Delamore Retirement Community

Delamore retirement community

The Heritage Listed Delamore House is located in the heart of Brisbane’s Northern suburbs and is now a boutique retirement community for over-65s.

Built in 1890, Delamore was originally a home for the paymaster in the Queensland Treasury, Henry St John Somerset. Over the next 60 years, various families resided in Delamore House until the early 1950’s when the Missionary Franciscan Sisters purchased a portion of the Delamore property to extend the neighbouring school, St Anthony’s. This was done to accommodate the increasing number of students.

Early 20th century photograph of Delamore House

In 1990, Delamore was re-invented as a community for like minded retirees to reside. The accommodation has been designed with elderly and retired people in mind. There are 46 independent living units of varying sizes and 18 serviced apartments. 

For the past 21 years, Simplex Elevators has looked after the servicing of the Passenger Lift located at the retirement village. 

Being a family owned and operated Queensland Business, we are proud to be part of the rich history that is the Delamore House. Being trusted to work in a heritage-listed building is something we do not take lightly - the trust involved in historical projects such as this is a privilege. 

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