3 Tips For Using Escalators Safely Throughout The Holiday Season

Every year I say “I’m going to be organised and do all my Christmas shopping early” and every year I leave it to the last minute and am forced to brave the masses at shopping centres in late December. Sound familiar?

Person using an escalator

All of the hustle and bustle of shopping centre crowds in the lead up to Christmas can be chaotic. As a result, people can sometimes forget that escalators can cause injury to both children and adults if you are not careful.  
See below for the top tips from our Simplex Technicians on how to use escalators safely throughout the holiday season.

Tip 1

No matter how hot Queensland weather is, make sure you are always wearing appropriate footwear and have tied shoelaces when travelling on an escalator. 

Tip 2

Make sure children always hold the hand of an adult when travelling on an escalator. As fun as it may be to run up the “down” escalator it can result in serious injury. 

Tip 3

Adults should always hold the escalator handrail when travelling up or down. To remain #covidsafe wear a glove when holding onto the rail. After you have finished travelling on the equipment, ensure you responsibly dispose of the glove. 

If you have any questions regarding how to use an escalator safely during this busy period, please do not hesitate to get in contact online or call us on 07 3881 3355. Happy shopping!