108 Years Old and Still Independent

External Stair Lift at Customer Home

While social distancing is keeping us apart, we wanted to take the time to reflect on one of our loyal clients and consider how our Simplex Stair Lifts have helped keep our client's safe at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In June 2011, Simplex Elevators installed an External Stair Lift into Mrs Elizabeth Jordan’s home and have spent the past 9 years servicing her equipment.

Mrs Jordan is 108 years old and is in great health, still living on her own in the same Ipswich home she moved into in 1936 with her late husband, Mr Joseph Jordan.

Being one of Australia's oldest women, Mrs Jordan is quite the local celebrity. In 2015, she was known as the oldest person to fly with Jetstar and has been published in the local Ipswich news. 

Simplex Elevators Director, Maika Ter Horst, is proud to be a part of something bigger, proud to provide solutions that give people their independence back and improve their quality of life.

“Our products provide access to people of all ages and abilities, it really is rewarding to know you are making a difference in someone's life,” said Maika Ter Horst.

Mrs Jordan spoke to Peter, one of our Simplex Elevators technicians, at her last service and said that she loves her Simplex Stair Chair Lift and can’t wait to use her new cover to keep it clean.

A Simplex employee and customer smiling

Simplex Technician, Peter, alongside Mrs Elizabeth Jordan on her Simplex Stair Lift 2019