Growing Old in Your Own Home

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Making the call on whether your elderly parents need to go into a care facility can be a very difficult decision, and unfortunately is one many of us will face at some stage in our lives.

With recent studies suggesting up to 90% of elderly Australians would prefer to stay at home, we understand it can be distressing to go against their wishes. In the past, physical disabilities have forced the elderly to move out of their comfort zones and into a care facility. However, advancing technology has helped prolong in-house living. Simplex Elevators offers a range of products that can help accommodate the needs of the elderly.

stair lifts for the house

Tailored to You

Stair Lifts are an affordable, easy-to-use piece of lift equipment that will provide a safe and smooth form of travel up and down any staircase. Indoors, outdoors, curved or straight, Simplex Elevators will be able to tailor design our Stair Lifts to suit your needs.

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Maintain a Sense of Independence

The challenges people face when growing older can take a toll on both their physical and mental well-being. Adapting an elderly person’s home through the installation of a Simplex Stair Lift can help give back control and independence.

Peace of Mind

The likelihood of experiencing impaired vision, balance, and mobility issues increase as we age, which in turn has an impact on their loved one’s stress levels. Having a Simplex Stair Lift will make a world of difference for both the user and their family. 

Climbing the stairs could be something that not only becomes difficult, it can also be painful and potentially cause you harm but you may not know when the time is right to purchase a stairlift. See below for some words from our supplier to help you decide whether a stairlift will help you get your home freedom back.

Go see your doctor

With any mobility issues, it’s best to first see your doctor who may diagnose a medical condition or offer advice on mobility caused by ageing. You can discuss any concerns with moving around your home with your doctor and talk through whether you think a stairlift will help you.

Take a simple mobility test

The ‘TUG’ Timed Up and Go test is an easy way to determine mobility issues. Start seated in an armchair, stand up and walk three metres, turn around and walk back to the chair and sit down. Have a practice run first and then time how long it takes you to do the full test. If your results are over 14 seconds, the test indicates you are at risk of falling over and you have mobility issues. Between 11 and 14 seconds means you may have some mobility issues and could consider a stairlift to help you move around your home faster.

If you have any questions about getting a free, personalised quote for a home elevator, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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