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Whether you’re transporting groceries to the kitchen, or laundry from the bathroom, the ISO- A Service Lift makes this process safer and quicker.

The ISO- A Goods Lift is our Number 1 Goods lift for residential purposes, effortlessly combining luxury with functionality. The goods lift serves at service height meaning it requires no bending or straining to load up your lift. Even the smallest of spaces can accommodate this model due to it’s intuitively designed and compact bi-parting doors. Its steel structure and high quality stainless steel finish makes it incredibly durable and easy to clean.

Capacity 50kg - 300kg
Speed 0.4 m/s
Cabin Dimensions 400mm - 1000mm depending capacity and Internal shelf and compensation device on suspension ropes
Structure Steel structure, made of cold rolled galvanised special profiles and pre-installed with T-guides T 45 x 5 + plastic trunking in 2 m segments
Vertical Bi-Parting Doors on Serving Height 600 – 1200mm height, Manual operated bi-parting doors and side frames made of galvanized steel in accordance to DIN 18092 and door locks type-tested by TÜV-authorities and Australian compliance
Machine Room Door Single hinged door (DW = 800 mm = double hinged), with lock, both hinging sides available
Drive Unit 50kg – 300kg load capacity and drive unit with standard motor IP 54 disc brake and hand wheel, 3 x 400 V /50 Hz.
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