Easy Move Passenger Lift

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Transporting You with Ease

With standardised and customisable options available, the Easy Move lift will fit perfectly into any environment, whether that be a home, apartment complex, school, gym or office.

The Easy Move passenger lift is a reliable piece of equipment that will suit all your basic access needs. Quiet and discreet, it transforms the way you move. From transporting people, the shopping and prams to heavy or bulky items from one floor to another within the home or workplace, moving is made easy with this passenger lift.

Simple Installation & Maintenance

The simple installation of the Easy Move makes it ideal for renovation projects. With different types of custom glass panelling, we can tailor the equipment to any environment. Simplex Elevators also offers ongoing maintenance services to ensure your lift always operates to a high standard.

Self Supporting Tower Option

The Easy Move also comes available with a tower for scenarios where there is no existing structure to build into. It can be customised with different types of glass panelling to suit installations of all kinds.

Self Supporting Shaft Masonry Shaft
Load 400kg 400kg
Number of People 4 people 4 people
Max Travel 14m 14m
Max Speed 0.15m/s 0.15m/s
Max Stops Up to 4 Up to 4
Pit Depth 140mm 120mm

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Easy Move Passenger Lift with external column
Easy Move Passenger Lift outside apartments
Easy Move Passenger Lift alternative view
Easy Move Passenger Lift in train station
Easy Move Passenger Lift in home
Easy Move Passenger Lift top level entrance

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