Made according to UNI EN 60204 rule. The electrical control box is a IP 54 protected type and it is connected to the hydraulic power pack with 2 m-long cables.

The lift is suitable for internal and external use. For external models the power pack and the electrical panel are to be placed inside. In case of temperature below -10į C, it is necessary to equip the hydraulic power pack with fluid heating system closed in a box. For external installations, a roof on the shaft must be fitted. The hydraulic hose connects to the base of the rails and is supplied in a 3 m length as standard (if required, up to 6 m max).

Red cabin (if required, light grey or light green, white, bordeaux, blue-aviation). Black doors, shafts and self-supporting structures (if required, silver and RAL colours).
Machined T70 rails.
With pre-drilled wall anchor brackets. If required on the back wall with mechanical or chemical screw anchors or with accurately positioned vertical I-beams; or with self supporting shaft.
Two pole, single phase, 1,5 Kw, located in the hydraulic power pack.
230 V single phase. (50 Hz)
0,10 m/sec a 0,15 m/sec
300 Kg

Push buttons, constant pressure type, dimensions 25x25 mm.( if requested 50x50 mm. and 50x50 mm. stainless steel anti vandal); on board raised up/down buttons; call-send floor controls; the board controls are equipped with removable key; on request the floor ones ; the floor controls are equipped with displays indicating cabin free/occupied; all the controls will only operate if the floor doors are closed and if they are provided with Braille codes (except the stainless steel ones); the floor controls can be at distance.

Max. 3. ( min. distance between 2 intermediate stops 160 mm. ; 200 for 13 mt. rail)
2400 mm. min. (if required reducible to 2150 mm.) For direct thrust the headroom is 2700 mm.
11350 mm
a 24 V c.c.

Twin lifting cables with spring mechanism for load balancing; safety gear break (homologated according to CEE 84/529 and 86/312 standards) acting on the rails; shaft complete with doors; emergency door release from outside, by proper tool; artificial 1 m pit.


Descent speed check valve; rupture valve fitted on cylinder; non-return valve; pressure relief valve on the hydraulic circuit; manual emergency descent valve; manual pump and pressure switch.


Emergency STOP button on board and in the pit ; thermal overload on the motor; floor terminal switch; final limit safety micro switch, to protect against slack or broken cables; individually fed power supply and auxiliary circuits; mechanical lock homologated according to EEC Directive 84/529 - 86/312 provided with door safety micro switch; automatic levelling at landings even with doors open; on board emergency descent in case of power failure; on board emergency light; sound alarm with 24 V dc power supply; floor position display (on the electrical panel); wiring for optional intercom; cabin light timer, descent timer. If required, intercom, distance sound alarm, phone-dialer.

To complement existing walls; full height at bottom level; min. 2400 mm high above top level; on request roof for indoor - or outdoor units.

Door with aluminium frame and anti-crashing glasses or semiautomatic door with panel and central window. Dimensions with standard platform, 2000x600 mm. or 2000x700 mm. or 200x750 mm. or 2000x800 mm. or 2000x860 mm; if required, door opener; always if required, door lock kits can be supplied separately.

120 mm (or, if required: ramp).
2000 mm.

Including: red laminated panel on the rail side, ceiling with roof light and anti-slip platform surface. Standard dimensions:
1400x1100 mm  1100x1400 mm
1400x1000 mm  1000x1400 mm
1250x1000 mm  1000x1250 mm
1250x1250 mm
1250x850 mm.     850x1250 mm
950x770 mm        770x950 mm
900x850 mm        850x900 mm
If required also other dimensions, as long as the surface area is 1,55 m≤ max. N.B.: max. length of platform 1400 mm.
The platform can be provided with enclosed cabin on 2 or 3 sides (with the same overall dimensions the platform sizes are reduced by 40 mm). On request halogen spots and mirror. On request, cabin Luxury finishes.

Extra strong Double acting single stage hydraulic cylinder and twin cable.

In kit form. For self-supporting structure: structural steel and laminated glass or plastic rolled sections.


Any modification of the site must be carried out at customer's expense, (before the delivery of the equipment and according to the manufactures' instructions), together with the provision of a dedicated power supply up to our board; cables size min. 2,5 mm≤ with magneto thermal R.C.C.D. switch 10A and sensitivity 0,03 A, with earthing by a cable min. 2,5 mm≤. Also at customerís expense is the provision of a power supply separated from the above mentioned one, cables size min. 2,5 mm≤, with magneto thermal R.C.C.D. switch 16A and sensitivity 0,03 A, with earthing by a cable min. 2,5 mm≤. This line will have to be equipped with one or more 16 A plugs for maintenance, at least one of these, placed in the artificial pit. The customer is liable for the strength of the supporting walls, floors balconies and plinths.

The data is indicative and not binding. Vimec reserves the right to change the specifications without prior notification.


The Vimec E06
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