New Technology in the Elevator Industry

New Elevator Technology

Just like all inventions, Elevators evolve with time. New technologies constantly emerge in industries like ours, and we’re proud to have the products and expertise to keep up with the latest innovations in Lift technology. Read on to find out more about new ways Simplex can modernize and install lifts.


Destination control lifts


Destination Control Lifts

If you’ve visited a modern hotel or commercial building lately, you may have encountered a lift that knows exactly where you’re going, even pointing you to a certain elevator for your journey.

This is known as destination control, and it’s a hugely popular innovation in the Elevator industry.

Destination control lifts increase speed and efficiency by organising stops for passengers heading to the same, or close, floors in a building, minimising the need for unnecessary stops and reducing wait times.


contactless elevator buttons


Contactless Elevator Buttons

Necessity is the mother of the invention, and the need for improved hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic brought amazing new technology into the elevator industry.

The most impressive of this technology includes buttons that don’t require touch, greatly reducing the spread of bacteria and disease. 

Contactless elevator buttons allow users to call a lift by holding their finger from one to three centimetres from the button panel. This is made possible by the use of an infrared sensor interface.


electric elevator


Smart Elevators

A range of smart lifts have emerged in the industry, including all-electric elevators that differ from traditional hydraulic lifts and drastically reduce electricity requirements.

With the use of sensors and cloud connectivity, some elevators can now predict damage and repair needs before they break down, making it easier than ever to organise maintenance and keep passengers safe.

As time goes on, elevators will continue to advance and become smarter and safer for the people they move. Check out our list of the most unique commercial elevators in the world that possess some of the fastest speeds the industry has to offer.

Providing Top Level Lifts

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