NBN GATEWAY CUT OFF- Keeping your Lift up to code

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Over the last couple of years, The National Broadband Network (NBN) has been upgrading landline and internet networks around Australia. If you're not currently connected, NBN has announced the cut off date for Queenslanders is March 18 2022.

In order to obtain a 'safe to operate' certificate and complete the annual registration of your business's lift, you will need to ensure the emergency lift phone is up to code. As the new NBN is not guaranteed to work during a blackout, elevator owners will need to have a Gateway Device installed prior to the cut off date.

What is the Gateway Device?

The NBN Gateway Devices work similarly to a modem and uses a SIM card to operate the emergency lift phone. There are multiple Gateway Devices available that are designed to suit different sites. The standard Gateway Device is sufficient for residential properties and small commercial sites. The Dual Gateway Device is recommended for large commercial sites. This device uses 2 SIM cards from 2 different providers, ensuring a backup in case one network cuts out.

How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on the installation area and Gateway Device chosen.

Is there a warranty?

Upon completion of works the parts/equipment and workmanship is covered by 12 months defects liability warranty in accordance with our general agreement and terms of repair warranty.


Lead time will be confirmed on receipt of quote approval and deposit payment, installation will take approximately 4 hours per unit. 

SIM Cards

A standard sized SIM Card is required for the unit. Please note, the building representative is responsible for arranging the SIM and activation.

Do you have further questions you'd like to discuss or require a Gateway Device for your elevator? Please contact us via phone on (07) 3881 3355 or via the contact form.