What the Future of Residential Lifts Looks Like

Not that long ago, having a lift installed into your home was near to impossible for the average joe. However, advancing technology combined with the demand for safe solutions that enable independent living has driven the need for accessible and affordable lifts for all Queenslanders. This demand is expected to continue to rise due to Australia’s ageing population and skyrocketing property prices

“Brisbane housing markets are now at a record high in terms of housing value,” CoreLogic’s Head of Research, Tim Lawless said.

Current land prices have influenced the number of newly built single storey houses and it is becoming increasingly common for multi-level homes to be built to help maximise the space of land. This contributes to the rise in home lifts and residential stair lifts.

Stair Lifts

Old and modern Simplex stair lifts

Simplex Elevators has been lifting the standard in Queensland for the past 45 years and has watched the lift industry evolve to suit the needs of the varying types of consumers. A high demand for independent living has helped fuel innovative advances in design that help lower the cost of lift installations in your home, resulting in stair lift equipment becoming increasingly accessible for everyone. Throughout the past 44 years of our operation, we have seen the cost of Stair Lifts decrease in price by 50%!

Home Lifts

New and historical home lift installations

Once considered a luxury item, Home lifts are now becoming standard for new builds and residential renovation projects. The increasing desire to grow old in your own home combined with skyrocketing real estate prices has resulted in the need for people to make their home fully accessible as they grow old. A Home lift is the ultimate statement piece for buyers who are after their ‘forever home’.

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