How to Make Your Business Wheelchair Accessible

Ensuring your business provides access for all will help create a high service experience for your customers, as well as compliance with the Australian lift code.

A man operating a platform stair lift

According to the Australian Government, new buildings must comply with both the National Construction Code and the Disability Standards when they are constructed. Older buildings must comply with these standards when the owner or business occupant carries out major renovations. See here for further information.
Having your building be deemed as compliant can include the use of accessible amenities, removable seating, staff training and lifts or ramps.
Simplex Elevators is the number 1 chosen provider for access and disability solutions. With a wide range of compliant lift equipment, whether you need a Passenger or Platform Lift, we are sure to have a product that will take you to the next level in any commercial environment.
If you are looking for a disability access solution for your workplace, our high quality, European designed and manufactured Platform Lifts provide access for all. With varying standardised and customisation options, as well as a multitude of platform sizes available, we will be able to provide a solution that suits you.
Thanks to their innovative design, both Platform models are suitable for internal and external installation. Even in severe weather conditions, they will continue to perform.
Both product types have been successfully installed around the world. They have been used as an alternative to stairs in all types of buildings and public areas, including museums, subways, banks, and restaurants, as well as people's homes.
Are you looking for a product that will make your business compliant? Get in contact today to speak to a Simplex Business Specialist about our access elevators and disabled lifts in Australia.